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Rooftop / Mini Solar Plants

Sri Raghavendra Engineering Works

Rooftop / Mini Solar Plants

On-grid and grid-tie system:

Residential and commercial buildings can benefit from solar PV modules produced at Enfros to power up their spaces. An on-grid solar installation can be made on the open spaces or rooftops of commercial and residential buildings that can be used for generation of electricity for on the spot usage (on-grid) and/or feeding it to the electricity grids (grid-tie).

The inverters incorporated into Enfros based solar plants ensure maximum conversion of the solar PV module generated power to electricity for on the spot usage or transmission back to the electricity grid. For the grid-tie system to operate, the solar inverter however requires to be connected to the grid and the power supply has to be available.

  • The key components of an on-grid/grid- tie solar plant are;
  • PV modules depending upon the size of the solar plant to convert light to electricity
  • Power conditioning unit/Inverter to convert the DC to AC
    Bidirectional meter to monitor the generation of electricity and usage of electricity from the grid
  • Cables and wires in order to connect the above mentioned key components

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